Wake up to the benefits of Sleep… with our sleep workshops thanks to funding from Saracen’s Norfolk, held at:

Loddon Junior School, Kittens Lane 9.30 - 12.00 on Friday 15 November

With follow on support with our sleep counsellor at the local Library. 2pm 9 January at Long Stratton and 11 am 13 January at Long Stratton.

Also, thanks to funding from Broadland Community at Heart and the Geoffrey Watling Charity families in Taverham and Wroxham will soon be able to do just that by joining us at one of our free Sleep Well, Live Well workshops. Follow-on drop-in sleep clinic for further support at local libraries about a month after the workshop.

To find out more and book your place email: joybishop@sleepeast.co.uk

Read on to find out how we can help your family achieve better sleep.

We love hearing from families who we have supported and helped them “turn their lives around” (as one mother told us) Recently we received this glorious email :

“I recently attended one of your workshops in Norwich. I attended as a parent with my child’s pre school key worker.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you!!!! We have results! I was really struggling to get my 2 year old son into any sort of bedtime routine and was beginning to feel at my wits end. I found your workshop fascinating. The science behind sleep and generally just looking at the bigger made so much sense. With thanks to your wonderful strategies we now have  a bedtime routine which works for us all. My son now knows when it’s bedtime and can fall asleep without me or my husband having to have skin to skin contact with him!!   We now enjoy a peaceful evening. My son doesn’t always sleep through and often ends up in our bed but we are all much more relaxed as we are all getting sleep and much needed toddler free evenings. I can’t thank you enough.”

Sleep East is delighted to announce a new service in partnership with Norfolk Library and Information Service: 'Sleep Hives'  

 A Sleep Hive is fun, interactive and includes a Sleep Well, Live Well Workshop which explores :  The Physiology of sleep, Sleep Bingo, Sleep Quizzes, Why is my child not sleeping?  Sleep information and strategies, Keeping a sleep diary, developing and maintaining a good sleep patterns.  With the whole family in mind we will consider diet, routines, exercise, use of IT, and how to manage stress, anxiety and depression. The Sleep Well, Live Well workshops will be supported by drop-in sleep clinics at local Libraries.

Exhaustion takes over !

Exhaustion takes over !

Parents who are making changes to their children's sleep patterns, using cognitive behavioural techniques discussed in the workshops, will be able to drop in to the Library sleep-clinic sessions and discuss their progress with a qualified sleep counsellor. Advice, literature, encouragement, suggested new approaches and support will be available. Families with more complex needs and entrenched sleep difficulties will be able to book longer one-to-one sessions with a sleep counsellor who will work with them so that they can become 'sleep detectives' and work out exactly what the factors are that are stopping their children from sleeping well and help them put together a sleep programme to address their individual difficulties.  Whilst at the Library families will be able to discover ‘grab and go’ book bags of suitable bedtime stories and further information about good sleep.

Sleep, Well Live Well workshop discussions

Sleep, Well Live Well workshop discussions

Register your interest in helping your child towards a better pattern of sleep by emailing: joybishop@sleepeast.co.uk

Good quality sleep is important to everyone.