Whilst our workshops are suitable for ALL families with sleep deprived children,  our qualified team specialises in supporting the families of children with complex medical and additional needs.   The British Sleep Foundation suggests that children with disabilities are 86% more likely to have long-term sleep problems than mainstream children.    

Every workshop covers:  The physiology of sleep, How the body and brain benefit from sleep, how sleep helps learning, the effect of screen use on sleep, how to monitor and improve sleep patterns and how to manage anxiety.

Sleep East offers the following workshops and Sleep Hive's:

Sleep Hives for parents/carers of children experiencing sleep difficulties,  at the cost of £30 per place:


Feeling pleased, Sleep East's sleep strategy WORKED

Feeling pleased, Sleep East's sleep strategy WORKED

The Sleep Hive will cover:   Why is my child not sleeping?  Strategies to meet the needs of your child, Keeping a sleep diary, How to be a 'Sleep detective' developing and maintaining a good sleep pattern.  Join us for 'Sleep Bingo', Sleep Quizzes, inter-actives games and a change to talk to other tired parents about sleep.

All attending will receive a comprehensive sleep pack.

For your staff team working with Nurture4All:

Sleep East - rescue me !

Sleep East - rescue me !

Sleep and Wellbeing, an interactive workshop at the cost of £40 per place :

The session will cover:  The History and Physiology of Sleep, The History of the Bedroom, Sleep Bingo and Quizzes, Sleep foods (tasting) and nurturing yourself, Sleep and dealing with Anxiety, Exploring Relaxation Techniques.

For Professionals supporting tired families:

Sleep Well, Live Well for Professionals at the cost of £40 per place:

By attending the session participants will:

Develop a greater understanding of the importance of sleep and of the potential problems when children and young people have disrupted/poor sleep patterns as well as the impact this can have on learning and behaviour.

Understand practical strategies for enabling children to develop healthy sleep patterns.

Develop confidence in supporting parents and carers with sleep issues.

Have an opportunity to ask questions and reflect on their experiences linked to children and sleep.

Have an awareness of further support that can be accessed by parents/carers and professionals to address sleep problems.

Other workshops include:

Think Sleep for professionals working with children aged 5 - 18 or birth to 5.  Each workshop covers:  sleep in nurseries and pre-school settings (birth to 5), Understanding teenager sleep (5 - 18), Home/School partnership and Understanding the parent's perspective.

Think Sleep - Don't be a Zombie  for pupils at key stages 2 - 4.  The session includes:  How teenage sleep is different, Healthy lifestyles and risk and Sleep research showing impact on exam grades.


Contact Joy Bishop 01692 402240 or email joybishop@sleepeast.co.uk to discuss the possibility of a bespoke workshop.   All workshops are delivered by two sleep counsellors and cost £400.