Sleep counselling. What’s involved?

Sleep East’s sleep counselling package is designed to support people who have difficulties with sleep to “be a sleep detective” and work out a programme to move towards a good night’s sleep for the whole family

I WANT to go to sleep, but don't know how.........

I WANT to go to sleep, but don't know how.........

Most of our work is with families with young children but we also help adults and teenagers who want to improve their sleep.  We specialise in working with families with children with special needs.  Please see The Dream Team to find out more about our sleep counsellors and their qualifications and extensive experience.

 Setting the scene  We begin with an assessment visit to find out as much as possible about the poor sleeper and the factors which affect his or her sleep.  With pre-school children this is usually with the parents only, but with an older child the whole process is usually more likely to be successful if the child is fully involved, wants to resolve the sleep difficulty and is able to contribute his or her own ideas to the sleep programme.  Of course this is the same for adults.  This visit takes about 2 hours and involves looking at the bedroom.

 Keeping a sleep diary  We ask you to keep a sleep diary for at least two weeks so that everyone can see exactly what is happening at this time and to give us up to date information upon which to base the sleep programme.

An individual sleep programme  Two sleep counsellors pool their experience and expertise to devise a sleep programme specific to the needs of the family concerned.

Tackling the problem  A second visit is arranged to discuss the proposed programme, clarify how it will be implemented, agree ways to deal with difficulties as they arise that are acceptable to all family members and explain how to access further support.

When they feel ready the family follow the sleep programme, keeping in touch with their sleep counsellor through emails and telephone calls.

"With great support from Sleep East we have so much more energy to enjoy life"  

"With great support from Sleep East we have so much more energy to enjoy life"  

Who can apply?

Anyone who would like support and information to help them or their child to sleep better. The sleep counselling package described above costs £350.00

Occasionally we are able to offer free or heavily subsidised sleep counselling thanks to grants from charitable bodies.  At present i.e. from September 2016 we are in receipt of a grant from Awards for All which offers free sleep counselling for 25 families with children with disabilities or complex health needs.  Please ask if you think you might be eligible.

Sleep East is delighted to announce a new service:  'Sleep Talking'

Children not sleeping?  Won't go to bed?   Need you to be with them to fall asleep ?  Up and down during the night?  Start the day before dawn arrives?  We can help with 'Sleep Talking'

Telephone one to one sleep counselling with a qualified Sleep Counsellor will provide your family with information, ideas and strategies which work.  Book a 1 hour appointment to discuss your child's sleep difficulties and we will help you with an approach to start that very night.  Follow up support is by email for two weeks and you also receive our sleep booklet and further information on the sleep strategies we suggest.   Costs £90 per family.  Contact: to book your 'Sleep Talking' phone call.

How do I apply?  

By filling in a referral form.  You can self-refer, or families can be referred by professionals who are working with them. e.g. teachers, Health Visitors, social workers etc.  To obtain a referral form: 

Call Joy Bishop on 01692 402240  

or email Joy or Marian

Success !  Peace at last.  

Success !  Peace at last.